Who needs it

  • • Website owners whose sites aren’t performing well when it comes to revenue, lead generation, or any other desired visitor actions.
  • • Business owners who need their site to rank higher in google.

What it means

  • • Visitors don’t leave right away
  • • More time spent in your site
  • • More pages viewed
  • • Google likes when this happens and may improve your rankings!

How we do it

  • • Start by measuring how visitors behave in your website
  • • See if visitors stay or leave within the crucial first 5 seconds
  • • Test if visitors understand what your site is about in the crucial first 5 seconds
  • • Test if visitors can see a call to action within 7 seconds of arriving
  • • Adjust content, images, layout, fonts or any other aspects that are hurting your site’s performance.
  • • Test again, adjust some more and test again until the site gets visitors to engage


  • • Initial Evaluation $300 (Credited to future work)
  • • Engagement Packages from $500 (depending on evaluation results)