Who needs it

  • • Website owners who don’t want to risk google giving a hacked site warning in search results.
  • • Website owners using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other platforms.
  • • Website owners who don’t want to spend lots of time and money fixing a hacked site in the future.

What it means

  • • Websites need protection because of daily hacking attempts from across the globe
  • • Sites based on popular platforms like WordPress are prone to security vulnerabilities because they are built out of many different programs

How we do it

  • • We evaluate a site’s software platform, its hosting configuration, and its current software security versions
  • • Based on the evaluation, we determine what security enhancements are required
  • • We recommend and install software firewalls for the platform and hosting as available
  • • We establish daily website backups to dropbox or other off-site locations (backup software subscription may be required)
  • • We configure alerts to website owners with logins and changes made to website (WordPress sites only)


  • • Initial Evaluation $295 (Credited to monthly support fees)
  • • Monthly security maintenance and support from $295/month