Here are some crucial questions to ask before hiring a website developer or an online marketing company (including SEO companies):

Infrastructure Questions:

  • • Who will own the domain?
  • • With what company will the site be hosted, and what country is the site going to be hosted in?
  • • What system will the site be based on? (e.g., Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
  • • Who will be able to update the site content?
  • • How long will it take to get content updated?
  • • Who will take care of emergency software updates when security issues arise?
  • • Who will add new email addresses or change passwords when needed?

Web Design Questions

  • • What is the maximum content download size you adhere to for any website?
  • • What’s the longest it should take a website to fully appear in a browser?
  • • For mobiles, will the website be responsive or will it have separate mobile pages?
  • • What features will show up on the home page when viewed on a mobile device?
  • • What features will not show up on the home page when viewed on a mobile device?
  • • What calls to action will be present?

Search Engine Optimization Questions

  • • What are the most important rules to follow for a website to have good Google rankings?
  • • If the website can be made to rank well on Google, what enhancements will help it get more clicks from the search results page?
  • • What are the most important rules to follow for showing up in the local search results section?
  • • How do you go about finding the ideal keywords to target?
  • • What is required to convert the site to HTTPS?
  • • What will be done to minimize loss of visitors when revamping the whole site?

Performance Reporting Questions

  • • How do you measure and report phone calls, map views, or emails sent by mobile visitors to the website?
  • • How do you measure clicks made by visitors to start a video playing?
  • • How do you measure email list subscribe button clicks?
  • • What information will be provided from Google Webmaster Tools?